The following blog posts will step you through setting up a paint package using html5, canvas, and javascript.  A paint package designed this way works within a browser.  It does not need to be downloaded to ones computer or tablet.  This paint package with be designed for the firefox browser.  If you want it to work in crome or internet explorer some changes will need to be made to the code.

  Why use html5, canvas and javascript? It will be accessable to any user as long as they keep their browser up to date.  As a developer if you are using the latest version of firefox you will have access to all the features cover in the following blog posts.  The only special software I use is notepad++. This can be found for download at It is a source code editor that runs under window.

To develope this painting package you will need the current web browser Firefox and source code editor such as notepad++.  Both html5 and javascript are accessed through the browser.

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