To float an image one does this in css. The command is:


Where position can be left to float the rest of the page to show right of the image.

Use right if you want the rest of the page to appear right of the image.

The tag for the image comes before the text.  This is necessary because the floating element only floats next to the text that comes after the tag for the floating image.


size can be from 0% to 100%.  This can either be per cent or pixels. This is the width of the paragraph the image is on the page.  If the image is 100% there will be no room for text next to the image.

If this is used inline and not in CSS the code would look like

<img src="/jm1/img/...jpg" alt="The image text" style="float:right;width:25%"

In CSS is you do not want the image to float you would use:

clear:which where which would be left to clear a left-floating element or right to clear a right floating element.

CSS code for affecting the height and width of an image.

width:x  where x can either be pixels (px) or percentage (%)

height: where x can either be pixels (px) or percentage (%)

So, the inline code would be:

<img src="/jm1/file name and location" alt="alternate text" style="width:(x); height:(x);>

One can use width, height, or both.

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