pseudo classes

They apply to links on a page. <a ....>These are classes that you do not make up the name for. You do not put a dot in front of the class name. You do not use a class=" " to apply the pseudo class. They apply to all links on the page automatically. 

They are

a:linked{    ...}

a:visited{ ... }

a:hover{ ... }

a:active{ ... }

This allows to style the link state not the link text.

They need to be listed in the order above if you want them to work right on all web pages.

Classes of links

Regular class name can be combined with pseudo class names. You can combine regular class names with pseudo class names which can be applied selectively. 

a.yourClassName:pseudo class name{ ... }

Your class name need to start with a letter and contain no spaces. It is case sensitive.  Any CSS property:value pairs can be used to define the styling.

First define the a.className and then do the a.ClassName:pseudoClass{   }

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