There are three types of lists

  1. Ordered Lists - items are numbered  Order lists start and end with <ol>    then the list starts <li>  item </li>  <li> item </li>  end list items </ol>
  2. Unordered lists - items ordering does not matter. They have a bullet or symbol in front of each item.  I.c. grocery list Unorder lists start with <ul> then the items <li> item </li>  <li> another item </li> then end of list </ul>
  3. Definition lists - set of terms with definitions  This list type uses different notation.  It is defined with the <dl> notation and the <dt> notation for the term and the <dd> for the definition .  <dl>  then <dt> term </dt> <dd> the definition </dd> <dl>   There may be more then one term <dt> </dt> between the <dl> </dl>

Lists can be nested within lists.



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