1. Go to extension -> modules- > (if the menu module you want to change already exists open that module.  If it does not create a new menu module with the name you want to call it.)
  2. One the module is open, select the options tab.
  3. First select the position you want the menus to appear on the page.  I usually select position 1.
  4. Still on this page select yes to show sub-menus if you are going to have sub-menus.
  5. At the bottom of the list click on the link advanced options.
  6. In menu class suffix  type " nav-pills"  Be sure to place a space before the n.  Do not include the quotes
  7. This will allow the menu and category associated with this menu module to appear horizontally along the top the page. 

  The prostar template does not support sub-sub- menus.

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