Sometimes I want to place a module inside an article.  Such as the random picture module within an article on that topic.  To insert the module

  1. Place the cursor in the content text box where you want module output to appear.
  2. type the following into the text box     (modulepositionname is the name of the module position you enter into the module position box of the module you want to use)  This name must be unique.
  3. click save & close.  If you just click save and do not close it will lock the article from others being able to modify it.
  4. Click on Extension Manager ->module manager
  5. Open module you want to appear in article
  6. Click the position combo box.  In the field type the name you gave the Moduleposition  i.e. modulepositionname.
  7. Module's menu assignment can be set to All.
  8. Click the same icon.

If the module does not show up in your article make sure that the plug-in named Content - Load Module is enabled.  If it is not then you need to enable it from the plug-in manager.  it should be enabled by default.

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