dec2008 29 123Hello, my name is Clownie.  I have always wanted to join the circus as a clown. My eyes light up with stars and doggies every time I think about the circus.  My nose is a bright red bulb just like the circus clowns.  Unlike some clowns I have seen, my mouth is always in a smile.  I would would never stop smiling if I could just be a clown.  My hair is braided in shades of orange and pink.  Very cheerful for a clown.  I would be one of the happiest Giddies if I could just be a clown in the circus. 

As a Child I remember going to the circus every fall.  Usually it was indoors, but once it was outside under tents.  There was saw dust on the ground.  The seats inside the tent were wooden benches. Just like one sees in the movies. 

   The acts were the same whether indoors or under the tent.  There were ladies on bareback horses.  Standing up and doing acrobatics.  Elephants that could stand on balls.  But what I liked best were the clowns.  Some would come out and spray water on each other (it was really confetti).  Then a small car would come to the middle of the stage and clowns would start coming out of the car.  They never seemed to stop coming.  I know I would never be able to get that many clowns into one small car.  I enjoyed the clowns the most.

   My small giddy of about 4" by 6" with the fun eyes and hair brings back those memories to me.


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