lindahagencapoppynov2014c3The california poppy blooms in the spring.  Once the rains have stopped and there is warmer weather.  This past year the california poppies bloomed into October.  I always enjoy the poppies because of the bright yellows and oranges. When one sees the sunlight coming though the petals, they almost look transparent.  To the left is one of my interpretations of a young poppy.  The edges tend to yellow and the center of the petals to red-orange or deep orange.  I hope you enjoy my poppy.

Recently, I have been revisiting water color painting.  In the past my paintings have been very stiff and detailed.  Now I want to losen up my painting.  This piece uses the wet into wet technique.  The paper is handmade with rough texture and heavy sizing. I like the way the paint floats on top of the paper.  It gives the various colors a chance to mingle before they settle into the paper. The flaws of the paper from pressing come through to the painting.  This helps to make each painting unusual and unique. 

I hope you enjoy viewing my painting as much as I enjoyed painting it.

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