resized knitted doll linda hagen

Judy is a quite colorful person.  She wears she beauty on all the colors and patterns on her skin.  The brightness and color of Judy brings a smile to my face. I wish I had the nerve to dress as colorful and outstanding as Judy.  She would be hard to miss in a crowd.

I enjoyed creating this little person. It was challenging to design the doll with no pattern or seams.  It was knitted from the toes up to the head. As I went along I added the stuffing.  I am very happy with my first try at a doll. Her portions may not be right.  Since my legs are shorter and out of portion to the rest of my body, I feel like I can relate to her.  The play of all the color and patterns, made me decide not to make any clothes for her.  I did not want to hide the uniqueness of her body behind clothes.  The doll can be consider either a male or a female my viewer.  Dress the doll in whatever clothes you see in your minds eye or leave her as she is. Enjoy creating your own story for the doll.

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