Jeany, fabric strips woven tapestry style, crochet braids, safety pinSay hello to Jeany.  She has a great desire to be liked by everyone.  It can be seen in her eyes. Her heart shaped eyes reflect her love of the world.  It also shows how much she wants to be loved back by the world.  Her safety pin of a mouth represents how she has been forced to keep quiet throughout her life. Both in her personal life and professional life.  She has chosen a professional path where few women were represented.

Jeany remembers the high school counselor told her that women should be seen but not heard.  In one class she was the only female.  The teacher told her to watch the males and just sit there.  That physics was only for males not females. She complained to her school counselor. Her school counselor told her she should just accept this as this is the way women were treated. Jeany had no other recourse at this time. Her mother would not support her.


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