Larry a bully who like to pick on weaker people.Larry is in his mid 20s. Larry is a bully. He goes after people who are smaller then him or elderly. He like to spit on them.


Today Larry really did himself proud.  He crept up behind an old man - in his late 70s.  He spit on the man and then took a swing at his head. Luckily he missed.  Then he began laughing like a hyena. The poor man can get no help from the police because they no longer seem to do anything but collect a pay check.

Yesterday Larry had a melt down. He went after his next door neighbor. The neighbor had gone out to get his mail.  Larry saw him and begin yelling obscenities at the elderly man.  The elderly man decided to ignore Larry.  Larry went out on the sidewalk infront of the elderly man. He continued to yell obscenities and threw rocks at the elderly man.  Larry did not stop until the elderly man went into his house.


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